Tang That Toilet

Tang That Toilet

Do Your Dog a Favor; Tang That Toilet!

A recent study has revealed Tang has grossed over $1 Billion in sales!  Everyone can remember the orange flavored, powdered drink from, what seems like, years ago; however, Tang has exploded with different flavors in the International markets.  Whether or not you enjoy the orange flavored, citrus drink, we have found a way to keep Tang in your home!

Tang that toilet!  The citric acids in Tang help to break down stubborn toilet stains, rust, and grime.  Pour 2 tablespoons (the more, the merrier) of Tang into your toilet.  Brush the water around the toilet, and let the mix sit for 15 to 30 minutes (you can also let it sit overnight).  Come back and scrub the toilet one last time and flush.  The citric acid will remove the stains, toilet rings, rust, and grime while leaving your toilet with a clean, citrus smell!

The next time you are in your pantry, do not throw the Tang away!  Put it under the bathroom sink!  Your dog will love you!

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