Six Daily Home Maintenance Tips

Six Daily Home Maintenance Tips

Clean to a T understands all homes are unique.  Each home is a reflection of love, family, and culture.  Although our different tastes, locations, habits, and virtues are distinctive, our homes are notable for sharing many primary functions.  For instance, many kitchens are a family gathering place; moreover, our kitchens are the main location where food is prepared.  In this light, all of our kitchens should be properly maintained to promote safety and health.

However, how do you have time to properly maintain your home?  Depending upon the size of your home, your schedule, your family size, and your lifestyle, maintaining your home’s cleanliness may seem impossible.  With a few simple steps a day, the impossible is manageable!

Along with contacting us today for a free estimate, here are six small maintenance tips you can perform every day to begin maintaining the cleanliness of your home:

  1. Make the Bed. A clean bed makes the room feel more comfortable and orderly; moreover, making the bed every day will prevent items from accumulating on and around the bed.
  2. Manage the Clutter! Whether walking past the dining room table, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the living room, if something is out of place, pick it up and put it where it belongs!  Even if it is only one item out of many, you are one step closer to a healthy home.  Moreover, insist every family member does the same.
  3. Sort the Mail. Take some time to sort the mail after you bring it inside.  Shred unneeded envelopes and mail.  Create sort bins containing: personal mail, bills, magazines, filing, etc., in order to properly catalog your mail for future use.  Shredding unneeded mail will prevent identity theft and keep solicitations and junk from accumulating.
  4. Clean as You Cook! The best way to prevent dishes from collecting in the sink is to wash them or place them in the dishwasher as you prepare a meal.  After spending time with your family and friends, little maintenance is needed to complete the cleanup process.
  5. Wipe Up Spills While They are Fresh. Little spills can turn into big messes if left unattended.  Stains are easier and faster to remove if attended to immediately.
  6. Sweep the Kitchen Floor. After dinner is complete and the washing is done, sweep the kitchen floor.  This prevents weekly buildup and makes a full mopping a breeze!

If done every day, these few steps can properly maintain the cleanliness of your home until Clean to a T arrives for your next appointment!


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Photograph by Ray eye

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