The Dreaded Kitchen Stove

The Dreaded Kitchen Stove

Cleaning by Using the Kitchen Stove as a Reference Point

Let’s face it; the kitchen stove can be one of the most contaminated parts of your kitchen!  Burnt food, uncooked food, spills, splashes, grease, and other contaminates may affect the health of your entire kitchen!  Personally, I enjoy perfecting the art of cleaning the stove; however, how can you avoid contaminating your entire kitchen?  One quick cleaning tip is to choose the right side of your stove.  Begin cleaning your kitchen from the right side of your stove, progressing clockwise until you end up with only the kitchen stove left to clean!  This process prevents you from picking up contaminants from your stove and spreading them throughout your entire kitchen.

If your stove has spill pans or grills, you can fill the sink and soak the spill pans, grill tops, and knobs in warm, soapy water while you clean the rest of your kitchen.  By the time you are finished, the items will be easier to clean!  The next time you clean your kitchen, use the stove as a reference point!

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